Brand awareness

Research found that people across London were interested in the concept of TruBe and thought it was a fantastic product but had never heard of TruBe.

This was easily solved with a big splash of ads across London’s tube and buses to raise the brand awareness. The campaign from start to finish was delivered in 2 weeks.


The key objective was to portray TruBe as an alternative to regular fitness methods, by showing that one-to-one workouts are tailored, accessible, fun and have variety.

With extremely tight deadlines I quickly researched, sketched and concepted numerous options and guerrilla tested them, which led us to our final design.

On point

The final ads were on-brand and straight to the point, we asked ourselves “why would you do Personal Training?”. The answer was simple – “Everybody is different”.

The look and feel focused on the user, but showed enough of a trainer to signify that its personal training. The lines and circles from TruBe’s design language were used to signify that TruBe connects you with personal trainers.

Banner ads to match

Consistent brand messaging was applied to digital banner ads.


Increase in downloads on the App Store


Increase in registered users per month