Uber for

personal training

TruBe enables users to book a one-to-one workout with personal trainers and yogis anywhere, anytime, with all payments taken care of through the app.

As the Creative Lead for TruBe I led the creative vision for all digital touchpoints. The iOS app was the key driver in acquiring customers and previously lacked personality. Working in a small start-up team we transformed the app by remodelling the key user flow to improve conversions and lifted the design to new heights to provide a better experience.

Previous implementation

The previous implementation lacked character and personality, which was modelled around Uber. It lacked control on the user’s side to select a suitable trainer. A successful model for booking taxis, however with personal training users needed to make a connection with their trainers. The journey was split in two parts: one part where the user requests a trainer and the second was when the trainer would accept the booking and the user would then confirm the booking. The journey was disjointed and confusing for users.

Incremental features

to full redesign

Every project started with requirements gathering from stakeholders and feedback from consumers to define how and why a feature or product would be best utilised for the user.

Collaboratively brainstorming within the team to define features and what would be achievable, we had a lean approach always focused on shipping quickly and early. I would undertake extensive research, sketch and produce wireframes to define the design phase.

Improved user journeys

The improved journey provided a better experience and improved conversions, enabling users to book trainers instantly. Key features were implemented beforehand, like allowing trainers to set their availability and locations to make the flow a success, resulting in reduced queries from customers.

Final designs

The look and feel adopted a clean and transparent look, with clear navigation and CTAs. Imagery of trainers and workouts invite the user.

Refined booking flow

The main user journey through the app was constantly refined through feedback to ensure the best possible experience for users.

Connecting users

The look and feel stemmed from the original concept – connecting users to personal trainers, which was signified by the use of circles, lines and dots. Surfacing relevant imagery to capture the user’s attention and sell the benefits.

Surfacing trainers

Following feedback from users, we refined the experience and surfaced trainers earlier in the journey. Photoshoots for individual trainers had to be undertaken around central London to ensure there was a variety of locations.

Within 6 months of redesign…


Rating on App Store


App downloads per month


Average App Store views per month

Design system

I created the brand guidelines and design guides for individual app features to ensure brand consistency and aid with smooth hand overs to external and internal colleagues.

A strongly recognisable coral was the main brand colour, combined with black for a premium feel. For text Alt Gothic was used for its strong presence, ideal for short titles and Museo Sans Rounded for its warmth in conversational text.

Colors & Material

TruBe Coral












What They’re Saying

“Brilliant idea! Love this app! I can just pick the time, place and my trainer and they just arrive. The app looks beautiful as well - love the images. I've used them a few times now and all the trainers are super professional. I recommend TruBe to my friends 🙂 ”

App Store

“Great solution for the time poor - I have been waiting for an on-demand fitness service for ages, until I came across TruBe. Beautiful design, easy to use, but most importantly it gives me access to brilliant trainers by a tap of a button. No more excuses! #beachready”

App Store

“Simple, intuitive, easy to use. Works a treat. Perfect for booking slots at a time and place that suits me. Keep up the great work.”

App Store

“I've been using TruBe for about a year now. The app is excellent to use - very intuitive and easy to book a trainer. The trainers are excellent too! I use the boxing trainer Audi mainly tho who is one of the best boxing trainers I've had. I've used some of the yoga trainers too who are also excellent.”

App Store