Project 1709

A digital first for Canon, the platform is a safe home to organise and manage a photo collection. Allowing users to store, access and share their photography on social networks. It was the first time a product was designed outside of Canon’s Japan head office.

Launched in beta as project 1709 to get feedback from the photography community, the project had various aspects including a website platform, promotional videos, how-to videos and upload/sync applications for MAC and PC.

Launch video

Showcased at Photokina, one of the largest photography events of the year. I produced concepts, storyboards and assets for the video, which touched on the key USPs and showed how the platform would help store a lifetime of photos.

Website platform

Press clippings

The launch created a real buzz around the photography community.

Initial vision


The CEO of Canon in Japan said the initial concepts were ‘the best designs’ he had ever seen.