Grant Thornton

Website direction concepts for a global roll-out for all of Grant Thornton’s partner sites. The responsive site focuses on giving up-to-date information to their users. With ‘people’ being the real differentiator, we focused on this aspect of their business to bring personality into their presence.

We also shifted the site from a typical heavy financial text site to a more browsable one by making complex information look simple.

Sketched concepts

After conducting research, sketches were produced in collaboration with UX. We quickly explored different directions for the website which had to work for all global firms. We presented 3 concepts ranging from insights driven to a more guided approach.

Designed concepts

Designs were distinctive and different from the ‘big 4’ and engaged users with dynamic content, with the aim of making complex information look simple. The look and feel expanded the colour palette to refresh and differentiate content.


Global member firms, ranging from small to large with varied amounts of content.


Participating CEOs and CFOs marked chosen concept as clear favourite